I Am

The way we define ourselves determines the decisions we make and how we interact with others. This project challenges women to reassess the lies we all tell ourselves, and learn to speak a more positive truth about who we are and what we can accomplish. In the weeks before the event, I asked women from all walks of life to write down the lies they tell themselves. Most women didn't even need to think about it — the words came almost instantly. Here's a little of what I found:   I photographed all the ladies throughout the event with their new I AM statements. I photograph a lot of women, and most of the time they are self conscious and fidgeting in front of the camera, but these sessions were different. There was a confidence and radiance with each and every woman. It was an honor to walk this vulnerable road with them!     This project debuted at the Women's...


Into the Woods

Bree's mom came to me, wondering if I'd be interested in helping her daughter live out a dream to experience a photo shoot filled with imagination and drama, a once-in-a-lifetime thing for them to remember together. Bree, her mom and I met a few times to talk through all this shoot could be, and then they worked on costumes while I scouted locations. There was much anticipation leading up to the morning of our shoot — I love it when a client is just as excited as I am to try a few experiments. We shot all over the property — waded through spiders, ivy and slugs, got pretty wet in the creek — but had an amazing time, and captured some beautiful images that I know we all will cherish for a long time to come....


Lisa Voeltz for Washougal City Council

As a resident of Washougal, Lisa is a passionate advocate for her community. I completely enjoyed the afternoon I spent getting to know her better, and love her fierceness when it comes to defending Washougal — its business, its future, and its kids. We were able to stop at quite a few local businesses during our shoot — Washougal Town Square, Pendleton Mills, and Amnesia Brewing. Washougal, if you vote for her for City Council, you'll have a savvy business woman on your side fighting for your growth. Best of luck to you, Lisa!...


Patrick Ginn Realty Group

Patrick Ginn, from right here in Vancouver, is one of the top realtors in the country. With such a legacy of knowledge and ability, Patrick's whole team was looking for a new image and a stronger brand that better represented their brand qualities. Working in tandem with Marc over at Blue Blazes, we created images that showed both their professional competence and incredible enthusiasm for life and all it offers. Who wouldn't want to work with them! Stay tuned for the unveiling of their new brand!...


Vancouver Business Journal

Events in Vancouver had settled into a comfortable formality. John McDonagh of the Vancouver Business Journal had a fresh idea and a new approach he wanted to try, so with the creative minds over at Blue Blazes we dreamed up a stunning campaign highlighting many of our local Who's Who. The unveiling has stirred up quite the buzz and the first event was sold out well ahead of time. This quarterly Boardroom Breakfast event includes breakfast and an interactive fireside-type chat with a local CEO as they share much about overcoming the recession challenges and what lies ahead for their industry in Clark County. The campaign included logo development, newspaper ads, website banners, animated sidebar ads and banner stands. ...


Tamarack Corp.

Tamarack Corp. designs, builds and develops land in the greater Portland-Vancouver area. Their award-winning work has been recognized multiple times by the Clark County Parade of Homes, the Home Building Association, the Building Industry Association and a number of other organizations. They know that when it comes to inventing the place where people live, every decision and detail counts. The homes they craft are more than the sum of their parts, and these intangibles won’t always show up in a photograph. The challenge was to bring to their images the thoughtfulness they put into their craft....


Kingsway Christian School

This private Christian school was seeking to raise funds for a sports complex for both their students and the surrounding community. Our objective was to tell a compelling visual story of their passion, heritage and values so that their need was highlighted in just the right manner. The end result was a case study book that was presented to potential donors, outlining the school history, the current state of things, the goal, and the ways to become involved. All the images were taken on location, and showcase actual Kingway students as they played....


Lil’ Cooperstown

Lil' Cooperstown is a Portland-local restaurant chain that wanted to keep the small town flavor of each of their five locations, all while presenting a more fresh, consistent brand. They came to me asking for help to showcase their updated menu, and help people see what a warm, welcoming, unique vibe they had. After visiting all five locations, I found them to be just that — warm, welcoming, and each with a home-town feel. It's the kind of place to stop after work to grab a quick bite. Or take the kids to after their Little League game. There was history on the walls, stories to tell, and experiences to gather. This project was done in collaboration with The Neu Creative, a Vancouver, Washington based design group....


House of Calabash

Steven Books began working with tobacco at age 11, and after fifty years and several apprenticeships both in the states and in England, he is one of this country's few Master Tobacconists. His storefront, House of Calabash, opened in 2011, and serves customers world-wide. Capturing this man's story, his incredible ability to identify over 3,000 blends by touch, smell and look, and the way he hand mixes every single one was not a simple task. His face lights up when he speaks of his craft and its heritage. I learned much from this man as he shared his story with me....



This man — young entrepreneur with 20-hour work days, a new father, and crazy good taste when it comes to tats. I went down to his house in Wilsonville to help tell his story visually for a national publication. Every single one of these tattoos has a story of its own – one that will make you laugh, cry, or nod your head thoughtfully. That’s just the kind of guy he is. Deep. I enjoyed the challenge of capturing these in his environment, learning from his surroundings and hearing him tell of his travels and experiences as we walked through his home and his memory....


Swarm Consulting

By aligning stakeholder priorities, engaging partners to provide their own unique potential, and linking these activities to the bottom line, Swarm Consulting creates a closed loop system around sustainability and ignites the passion needed to drive improvement and measurable performance. Swarm Consulting was very adamant that they didn't want to present "green" in the cliche', expected fashion. Kate is a partner, not just a consultant. She knows that without the buy-in of all involved, no sustainability program will work, so her company works hard to educate, bring resources, and clearly communicate. I appreciate Kate's willingness to try a few poses that would have caused others to balk. She was awesome to work with, and we got a variety of shots that capture her personality and approachability....


Liquid Gratitude

There are those who say thank you, and those who show it. Liquid Gratitude creates memorable thank you gifts with beer, wine and coffee either by the bottle or in custom gift baskets. Instead of the traditional product shot on white, we chose to let each piece "live" in it's own environment. Treating them as I would my normal headshots, we captured some unique looks that have much more personality than would have been gotten otherwise.    ...



High school senior + junk yard + imagination = tons of fun and a unique yet true story. I don't shoot many high schoolers, for I love getting into the knitty-gritty of the story and I've found that many don't know their story yet, or care to have it explored by a stranger....


Barram, Co.

Emily is a talented young bookkeeper with a heart for her clients. She loves coffeeshops, good food, and cleaning. She’s approachable with that balance of professionalism, and has a ready smile. Best of all, she’s GOOD at what she does. I've had the privilege of working with her husband Jeff Barram of Sproutbox Media and he referred his wife to me after they sat down and talking about her messaging what who and what would be best. That’s the way things should work – sitting down as a team with a client and talking through the look, feel, attitude and vision of a company so that all people involved are aiming for the same target. We had a few different uses for the images she needed (website, LinkedIn, email blasts, etc.) so captured looks specifically for each of those mediums....


AirReps, Inc.

Air Reps, Inc. was seeking to broaden their customer base. After speaking to them, it was obvious to see they were extremely personable, but their web presence was lacking that message. In two separate shoots, we captured their Bellevue and Spokane staff, each in their environment talking about what they love. At the same time, their logo was updated and their website redone so all would work together to solidify their incredible ability to solve problems in a high-touch, congenial manner for each and every one of their clients. This project was done in collaboration with The Neu Creative, a Vancouver, Washington based design group....


Garrow Equity Print Ad

I was recently asked to shoot something for a company who specializes in construction funding. Tasked with getting something foundational but given complete freedom, the whole concept in my head was the very beginning of a project — where a man makes up his mind to build and dreams big and is willing to confront struggles head on because the dreams are bigger than the fears. This shot had the light sifting in the top in almost a pathway through the image. Faint, but I knew I could enhance it. Then there was the rock, which shows there will be struggle, that things won’t be completely easy. The clincher for me was the print – someone had been there, walking that area with a plan formulating in his head. There was purpose, it had been marked by a dreamer. So I shot it and pitched it, and here’s the final product, design and copy done by The Neu Creative, a Vancouver, Washington...


Axiom Homes

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist. ~Louis Nizer Axiom Homes realizes the definition of a "Luxury Home" is different for every customer, so they strive to go above and beyond in all aspects of their home building process, making each home a "Luxury Home" for our clients. This approach of combining luxury living with functionality and sustainability requires very specific details. They love the challenge of turning their clients' ideas and concepts into something tangible, and it was this attitude and philosophy I was tasked with capturing through imagery of their Parade of Homes entry. It meant showcasing the overall livability as well as the details....



As the CREDC was looking to launch their new campaign, they were courageous enough to take a hard look at their image. They found that their community face didn't match their heart, nor the new structure and leadership they had recently put in place. I was asked to capture some images that showcased their approachability and personality, that would help show the new traction and heart they were seeking to establish. I appreciate the time each of these busy men and women took to help in that effort, and their new site launch should do much to help them in their new endeavors. This project was done in collaboration with Gravitate Design, a Vancouver, Washington based web company....


Neil Jones Food Company

Neil Jones Food Company knew they needed more consistent messaging. In conjunction with a rebrand and the launch of a brand new website, they approached me for imagery to match their new direction. Working in collaboration with Gravitate Design and The Neu Creative in Vancouver, Washington, we were able to provide them with a more modern, fresh look that their customers have already begun to love....


Gravitate Design

As a Vancouver, Washington based web design company, much of Gravitate's communication is done by phone and email. In an attempt to personalize them and build better connections, we took portraits of their entire employee base of 40. These needed to show personality, yet still work together as a whole on their employee page. We also took some more conceptual shots of a few of their leadership team, and played with their company name and the concept of gravity. Overall it was a fun experience, and we were able to meet some amazing people!...

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