Garrow Equity Print Ad

I was recently asked to shoot something for a company who specializes in construction funding. Tasked with getting something foundational but given complete freedom, the whole concept in my head was the very beginning of a project — where a man makes up his mind to build and dreams big and is willing to confront struggles head on because the dreams are bigger than the fears.

This shot had the light sifting in the top in almost a pathway through the image. Faint, but I knew I could enhance it. Then there was the rock, which shows there will be struggle, that things won’t be completely easy. The clincher for me was the print – someone had been there, walking that area with a plan formulating in his head. There was purpose, it had been marked by a dreamer.

So I shot it and pitched it, and here’s the final product, design and copy done by The Neu Creative, a Vancouver, Washington based design group.